Essen­tial­ly, I have devel­oped four Jaceur series since 2006: The eye, the life, the habits and the new­born series.

The eye series

What­ev­er you see, you don’t see every­thing. Love, faith, gen­eros­i­ty, all these essen­tial forces remain invis­i­ble to the eye. Those who only believe what they see lim­it their minds. Imag­i­na­tion and pos­i­tive think­ing can work won­ders.

The “The Eye series” is inspired by the book “The Lit­tle Prince” and shows an eye that has cracks, because in the fig­u­ra­tive sense you can only see well with the heart. The pic­tures should remind you to fol­low your heart’s voice and not to be daz­zled by beau­ti­ful super­fi­cial­i­ties. Fol­low your heART!

In addi­tion to gold-black, sil­ver-black and gold-dark brown, I also offer the pic­ture in neon pink-dark blue. Pos­si­ble square dimen­sions are for exam­ple 100cm x 100cm, 80cm x 80cm, 60cm x 60cm or 30cm x 30cm. Please con­tact me and we will find the right for­mat for you.

Life series

With the “The Life series” I want to present the ups and downs of life in all its facets. Over the years, we have to pass pri­vate and pro­fes­sion­al tests. Life can take a toll on us at times. In ret­ro­spect, aren’t it often the hard­est times that brought us fur­thest to the core of self-knowl­edge? And isn’t self-knowl­edge per­haps an impor­tant goal in life? Should­n’t we learn from all our expe­ri­ence and then con­scious­ly live in the here and now. Because to be able to expe­ri­ence the now is a gift – the loop that is tied around some pic­tures reminds of this.

Pos­si­ble for­mats are, for exam­ple, 30cm x 60cm, 40cm x 80cm, 60cm x 60cm, 80cm x 80cm, 90cm x 30cm, 120cm x 40cm, 150cm x 60cm, 200cm x 80cm or oth­er for­mats. Please con­tact me and we will find the right for­mat for you.

Habits series

Do you see what I see? What is reg­u­lar­ly arranged? And why are some pic­tures wrapped in cling film? Habit is either a good ser­vant or a bad mas­ter. Every­thing we reg­u­lar­ly cul­ti­vate grows and thrives like rose heads. This series is designed to inspire us to exam­ine our habits and let only the good habits flour­ish.

Pos­si­ble dimen­sions are 50cm x 70cm and 70cm x 100cm and 80cm x 100cm. Please con­tact me and we will find the right for­mat for you.

Newborn series

Do you know the need to write a new chap­ter? At the begin­ning of a new chap­ter there is always a dream: Dream big!

The pic­tures shown mea­sure 80cm x 100cm, 60cm x 90cm and 30cm x 30cm.